Police: Drunk driver crashes, fights with cops

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- Myrtle Creek police say a man drove drunk for three miles taking out mailboxes, a fence and eventually a pickup parked in a driveway.

Officers were called to the 3300 block of North Myrtle Road Tuesday evening, for a report of a vehicle that had crashed.

Police say the blue Cadillac and it's driver, Jedidiah Dalton Van Pelt, 26, was reported to police as a possible drunk driver.

Myrtle Creek Police Chief Don Brown says when officers arrived, they found the car had crashed into a Ford F-250 pickup that was parked in a driveway.

Police say Van Pelt had ran from the scene, but was located a short time later. Officers say Van Pelt resisted being taken into custody.

As police surveyed the damage, they say they found Van Pelt had driven for about three miles in and out of ditches, taking out mailboxes and hitting a fence. "We started picking up car parts from the 1700 block where he hit some mail boxes, and there was a side panel left there and some other parts to the car," Brown said. "Then the 2800 block, where he went off the ditch and hit a vinyl fence he left behind the license plate."

Van Pelt was lodged in the Douglas County Jail, charged by police with several charges including DUII, recklessly endangering another person, hit & run, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, among others.

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