Oregon's bottle bill is brewing in Salem

It's been credited with reducing litter but now the state's bottle bill may be re-vamped to help increase container recycling.

Tuesday, state lawmakers held a public hearing on expanding the scope of the current law.

When Oregon enacted the bottle bill in 1971 it required refundable deposits on all containers that hold carbonated beverages like beer and soft drinks.

But advocates say the bottle bill should be expanded to include today's most popular drinks.

"The big ones of course are bottled water, it's a huge one and sports drinks, juices those kinds of things are not covered by the bottle bill and they've taken a much bigger market share," said Julie Daniel of Bring Recycling.

Experts say the state's beverage container recycling rate has slipped in the 34 years since the law was adopted. In 1973 more than 90% of bottles were recycled. Recent figures show only 80% if bottles are recycled today.
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