Oregon takes big first step in Nation's gun-control fight

Oregon takes big first step in Nation's gun-control fight

OREGON - Oregon lawmakers passed a bill banning people from buying or owning guns if they have been convicted of stalking and/or domestic violence crimes.

The ban would also apply to people who are under court restraining orders.

This marks the first time a state legislature has passed a gun control measure since the mass shooting at a Florida high school on February 14th.

The measure passed both the House and the Senate, and Senator Floyd Prozanski, of Eugene, was one of the bill's supporters.

"It's very clear, where a gun is involved in a domestic violence situation, women are five-times more likely to be killed," said Senator Prozanski. "Also, 52-percent of the women who were killed in the United State between 2010 and 2014 were killed by an intimate partner or family member."

We reached out to six gun shops in Eugene and Springfield for a reaction to the bill, and all shops declined to comment. We also tried to reach the Oregon Firearms Federation for a comment, but officials have not yet returned our calls.

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