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Oregon on track to follow California emission standards - no new gas vehicles sold by 2035

Oregon on track to follow California emission standards; no new gas vehicles sold by 2035. (SBG)
Oregon on track to follow California emission standards; no new gas vehicles sold by 2035. (SBG)
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Oregon is on track to follow California's emission standards, requiring that new gas vehicles no longer be sold come 2035.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of reviewing a tentative rule and has about three months to submit it for approval.

Under the Federal Clean Air Act, states are not allowed to establish their own motor vehicle emission standards, but an EPA-granted waiver allows California to enact their own standards.

Oregon is one of 17 states that follow California's emission rules and must follow the same EV rules as California.

Under the proposal, come 2026, 35% of all new vehicles sold in this state must be electric and will increase each year to reach the 100% goal of new EV sales by 2035.

Rachel Sakata, Senior Air Quality Manager of the Department of Environmental Quality, said, "For us to require emissions standards for the 2026 model year, which California has adopted, we must adopt these rules no later than January 1st of 2023, as the 2026 cars can start being sold in 2025."

Most auto manufacturers have already committed to going electric.

Oregon has a rebate program - up to $2,500 - for purchase or lease of a new EV.

For a low- or moderate-income household, you can get $5,000 for a used EV, and up to $7,500 for a new EV.

As for infrastructure, ODOT has $100 million to support public charging.

A public comment period will be open in October and the comments will be reviewed in November.

The plan is to present the rulemaking to the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission for review and approval in December. If approved, the rule will go into effect January 1.

For more information, visit Oregon.Gov.

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