Oregon House passes $5.3 billion transportation package

(KATU File Photo)

The Oregon House of Representatives passed a slimmed down, but still substantial, transportation bill Wednesday aimed at fixing the state’s roads and bridges and easing congestion.

The House passed HB 2017, 39-20. It now moves to the Senate for that chamber’s consideration, where it’s expected to pass.

The bill would raise about $5.3 billion over the next 10 years through an increase in the gas tax, a tax on the sale of vehicles and a bicycle tax. It also provides rebates for buying electric or other "zero-emission" vehicles.

The transportation package was originally over $8 billion but was pared back. Democrats also agreed to a push from Republicans to change the controversial low-carbon fuel standard, one of the major sticking points that derailed a 2015 transportation deal.

This year’s bill was a culmination of over two years of work in which lawmakers gathered input from citizens and stakeholders statewide.

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