Oregon home to World's Oldest Cat

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SISTERS, Ore. - When she was 6 1/2, Ashley Okura picked a kitten from a litter and named him Corduroy.

That was 1989.

It's now 2015, and Corduroy keeps on purring.

"He's very mellow, unless there's a critter that catches his attention," Ashley said. "Then he perks up and he'll go after it."

Ashley's brother picked a cat from the same litter and named him Batman.

Batman died at age 19.

Corduroy is now 26 - and considered the world's oldest living cat by Guinness World Records.

"All of these types of records, they require a vast amount of documentary evidence to ensure that the age is being recorded accurately," said Kim Patrick with Guinness World Records. "In the case of the cat, it was a birth certificate, it was statement from the veterinarian who has been treating the cat its entire life, along with photos of the cat throughout the years."

What's the secret to his longevity?

"I think letting him roam the property and catch critters and get exercise has kept him really young looking," Ashley said.

"Animals are such good companions," she added. "They're always there for you if you're having a bad day or going through something; they seem to sense it."

Among the changes in Corduroy's lifetime: social media. You can follow the cat on Instagram @oldestlivingcat.

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