One million salmon moved to Leaburg Hatchery

1 million Coho Salmon were moved to the Leaburg Hatchery in wake of the Eagle Creek Fire.

CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. - The Department of Fish and Wildlife has taken notice of the shift in weather, and an increased chance of landslides has brought up the issue of protecting Coho salmon from potential slides in the Columbia River Gorge.

The Cascade Hatchery had to evacuate 1 million Coho salmon from the Cascade Locks area along the Columbia River Gorge.

Fish and wildlife officials say the threat of mud slides and debris flows could reduce or shut off the water flow, endangering the fish.

Because of this, officials moved the salmon to the Leaburg Hatchery here in Lane County.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife used 10 semi-trucks containing water tanks to transport the fish.

"Anytime an emergency can be avoided or some sort of catastrophe as far as the stocks go, I think it's a good thing," said Erik Withalm, the Leaburg Hatchery manager.

Leaburg mainly raises Rainbow Trout and Steelhead, but this is the first time Coho salmon has ever been in the hatchery.

The new congregation of salmon will stay at Leaburg until next spring, and once they are grown they will be released into the Umatilla and Lostine Rivers.

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