Oil spill on Columbia River near Astoria, Coast Guard puts in containment boom

Oil sheen in Astoria - USCG photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Levi Read.

Crews are working to contain an oil spill that has created a sheen spanning five miles of the Columbia River in Astoria, the U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday.

The oil contamination was reported coming from a dilapidated pier near the Cannery Pier Hotel. The pier houses the Union Fisherman Cooperative.

The Coast Guard is still working to identify the source of the oil.

The sheen was first spotted on Thursday, but hazardous sea conditions stopped them from making any headway on the spill.

Officials said the Coast Guard Incident Management Division Astoria worked with state and local contractors to put a containment boom around the pier.

The Associated Press reports that high tides might have contributed to spreading the oil.

*The Associated Press contributed to this article

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