O'Hara Catholic School bucks school uniforms for hurricane relief

    The O'Hara Catholic School participated in a fundraiser to help aid Hurricane Relief. 

    EUGENE, Ore. - The O'Hara Catholic School is doing its part to help Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims in Texas and Florida.

    A fundraiser game students and faculty the option to wear jeans instead of their school uniform, but there is a catch involved:

    Each person wearing jeans had to donate at least one dollar or more.

    The fundraiser resulted in 500 students donating more than $1,100 for the relief efforts.

    "I'm doing something to change their lives and make it better, because we have our needs and they have the same needs," said Sandhya Vaikuntam, a student at O'Hara. "And just like us, they are going to school and now they can't go to school and learn until it's all back together."

    The fundraiser was a part of a national campaign, and students say they will take part in another fundraiser for the earthquakes in Mexico, as well as Hurricane Maria, which devastate Puerto Rico.

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