Fire at Tannerite in Pleasant Hill remains under investigation

A building at Tannerite LLC in Pleasant Hill went up in flames Monday. The company makes reactive targets for shooting practice. (SBG)

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. - The cause for a fire in the two buildings owned by Tannerite in Pleasant Hill is still a mystery, but Pleasant Hill and Goshen Fire Chief, Andrew Smith, says the State Fire Marshall is still investigating the case, and they hope to know a cause within a few days.

Lane County's Devon Ashbridge says at the time of the fire, the business was in the process of moving to a different property.

This comes just after Ashbridge said the county was been working with the owners for the past several years.

It was discovered in 2013 that Tannerite was out of a landing zone compliance, but Ashbridge says a special-use permit has been filed for Tannerite's new location in the meantime.

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