Occupy Medical: "The community begged us to 'please come back'"

Occupy Medical relocates in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - A mobile health facility in Eugene is still offering care to those who need access to medical care, but in a different place.

Occupy Medical relocated to the corner of Fifth Avenue and Washington Street after the previous location's landlord sold the place.

The free clinic is staffed by volunteers including doctors, nurses, nutritionists and medical students. Occupy Medical says they not only offer care to uninsured patients, but they treat those with insurance who have trouble with timely care or can't afford to miss work.

Recently, Occupy Medical set up a demonstration clinic in Roseburg. Clinic Manager Sue Sierralupe says they did this to show other communities that these services are needed.

"The community begged us to please come back," said Sierralupe. "We're talking since there are some limited resources down there, working with another community to kind of share their providers back and forth so they can at least have a monthly or seasonal clinic. The sky is the limit at this point."

Sierralupe says the Eugene location treats about 40 patients every week, and Occupy Medical is open every Sunday from noon until 4 p.m.

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