'Not My Presidents Day' rally draws hundreds to downtown Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. – Hundreds of protesters marched in the Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene Monday. They called it “Not My Presidents Day” to send a message to the Trump administration.

“Something is becoming quite apparent and that this administration is almost like a runaway train,” said Phil Carrasco, chair of Oregon Strong Voice of Lane County.

Carrasco said Oregon Strong Voice of Lane County has 26 different organizations committed. Even though they all have a different focus, they’re unifying for the same goal – resisting Trump’s policies by staying active and standing up for their rights.

Carrasco said he wants people to resist by contacting law makers to make changes to protect those who might be affected by Trump’s policies.

From immigration to Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare, they say they’ll stand up for what matters to them.

The protestors finished the rally by marching to Kesey Square in downtown Eugene.

Carrasco said they’ll continue their efforts to bring awareness to the multiple issues and encourage people to communicate with lawmakers.

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