New sanitation methods to be used on Springfield school buses

Springfield Public Schools has started using a device called Protexus to sanitize school buses. (SBG)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.- Springfield Schools are trying to combat the flu and other illnesses by sanitizing the place kids go first before they step into the classroom -- the school bus.

Springfield bus drivers have added a new sanitizing tool to their team, called Protexus.

The new device is a faster and efficient way to clean the buses after picking up and dropping off students from school, replacing squirt bottles, which Transportation and Fleet Operations Manager, Mike Schlosser says was a multi step process.

“It’s an electro status charge, they call them a storm trooper from a Star Wars gun," said Schlosser. "Basically it's just a mist, and it charges the water and solution as it comes out of the gun and it just wraps around the components on the bus."

According to Schlosser, the new device is more efficient than their old method.

“We have a squirt that we use for sanitizing daily and the effectivity of it was really minimal,” says Schlosser.

Springfield bus driver Marilee Brown says this flu season has been one of the worst she has seen.

"It has been horrible this year, its really scary," said Brown. "I have gotten very light loads, due to the fact of the flu."

Brown has been a bus driver for over 40-years, working in Junction City and now Springfield.

She is one of the 80 bus drivers employed by Springfield Schools, who are responsible for picking up over 4,500 students a day.

“We worry about our kids on our buses and you know, ourselves. We just want everyone to stay healthy,” says Brown.

The new sanitizing device is also being used in district offices and buildings.

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