New rules leave just 1 dispensary selling recreational marijuana in Douglas County

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Under new state rules on marijuana sales, there is now just one marijuana dispensary selling recreational pot in Douglas County.

So far, La Mota in Roseburg and Drain is the only business in the county to obtain a recreational license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

OLCC took control of recreational marijuana sales from the Oregon Health Authority on January 1.

"We're seeing a more legitimate and regulated system overall,” says La Mota Roseburg store manager Ethan Ochis. “This has helped us to track product and sales more efficiently, which is something that we needed with La Mota's rapid growth over the past few years."

La Mota started the application process early in 2016.

The most notable changes from the OLCC came in labeling, security, and loosening the reigns on the amount of pot a person can buy.

"So now consumers can buy larger quantities of flower and concentrate, as well as recreation … consumers can buy higher dosage edibles," says Ochis.

Another adjustment this year is the taxing of recreational pot; the tax on sales dropped from 25 to 20 percent.

17 percent goes to the state; three percent goes to local cities.

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