New depression therapy gives hope to Lane County patients

    New depression therapy gives hope to Lane County patients (SBG)

    EUGENE, Ore. -- Depression is an illness that can affect all aspects of your life.

    "It's sort of a beast that manifests in many different ways and for that reason it's very hard to treat."

    Shelley suffers from depression.

    She's tried different treatments for more than a decade and none of them have stuck.

    "I would say that it is a really long road for anyone with depression and it can be fatiguing."

    So when she heard about TMS, she jumped at the opportunity.

    "It stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation," explains Roger Hall, the President of Emerald TMS.

    Shelley does 20-minute treatments every day and is in week three of five.

    According to Hall, "It provides an electromagnetic pulse through part of the frontal lobe over a small segment of the brain."

    TMS is loud and encompassing, but Shelley says it's not scary and doesn't hurt.

    According to Jocelyn Conner, MD, the Medical Director of Emerald TMS, "We don't know the exact cause of depression but we do know stimulation causes a change in activity of that section of the brain."

    It was FDA-approved for severe depression ten years ago, but Emerald TMS is the first of its kind in Lane County.

    "It's specifically indicated for people that are treatment-resistant," meaning other treatments aren't working.

    "I'm willing to try just about anything because," Shelley says. "I still have hope, I guess, that it will work maybe."

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