New brewery specializes in braggot, a style 'pioneered by vikings'

EUGENE, Ore. -- While Eugene is home to many small breweries, the owners of the recently founded "Viking Braggot Company" say their beer is different.

Braggot is a style of beer that combines both honey and craft beer, a technique the owners say is one of the oldest in fermented drinks.

Co-owner of the start-up, Daniel McTavish said braggot was initially made by the Vikings.

"We're hoping to take an old tradition and do a modern twist on it by pairing it with craft beer styles. This style was pioneered by vikings ... combining elements of honey and beer," McTavish said.

Viking Braggot Company had a soft opening at their location in west Eugene last week.

After graduating from the University of Oregon last year, McTavish and his business partner Addison Stern went to work on opening Viking Braggot Company.

"We're hoping to take an old tradition and do a modern twist on it by pairing it with craft beer styles," McTavish said. "We have five bourbon barrels that we acquired and 10 King Estate pinot noir barrels so it kind of imparts that flavor of that bourbon taste."

Weston Zaluben, a brewer for the company said the honey makes the beer both a little sweet, without masking the hoppy flavor.

"We use organic malt, local honey, herbal infusions. They're usually all healing herbs," Zaluben said.

While a labor of love, McTavish said opening his business has always been worth it.

"My dad was kind enough to put the initial investment in. From there we put in personal credit cards, we did it ourselves," said McTavish.

The grand opening for Viking Braggot Company is scheduled for next Friday.

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