Sheriff: Sisters reported missing near Prineville after eclipse festival are safe

18 year old Melissa Lea and her younger sister reconnected with their family on Thursday morning. Photo from Crook County Sheriff's Office.

PRINEVILLE, Ore.- Two sisters missing in the Prineville area are safe and headed home to their family, after the Crook County Sheriff's Office spent several days searching for the girls.

Melissa Lea, 18, and her younger sister traveled from Lake Tahoe, California to Prineville to attend the Symbiosis Gathering, an eclipse festival in Big Summit Prairie.

Their family spoke with them that Sunday, but then lost contact with them.

There was no cell phone service at the Symbiosis Gathering, so the sisters couldn't contact their parents.

"There was at no time any dangers to the girls or any trouble surrounding them. They were well and having a good time, and just didn't have cell coverage," Vicky Ryan with the Crook County Sheriff's Office said.

Both the Crook County Sheriff's office and the Symbiosis staff searched for the sisters for several days.

The sisters left the event around 7:30 this morning, and called their family when they reached cell coverage. They are now driving back home to Lake Tahoe.

Ryan says the Sheriff's office was prepared to bring in a task force from The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, but just before they made the decision, the sisters were found.

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