Millions of dollars worth of RVs lost to fire in Junction City

Firefighters responded to an industrial fire on East 1st Avenue on Sunday morning. (JC Fire)

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - A fire sparked at Premier RV Services in Junction City on Sunday morning, causing damage to more than 40 luxury motor homes at the storage facility.

Fire crews worked through the night to contain the large structure fire, and officials are saying this fire will result in millions of dollars worth of damages.

It took eight hours and several fire agencies to contain the flames at Premier RV, and firefighters say that the vehicles posed a major challenge to contain the fire because the motor homes can act as such powerful fuel for fire.

Officials say the the burn started with just one RV inside the building, but neighboring motor homes soon caught fire as well.

"These coaches have fiber glass, foam, fuel, plastic, metals, and you compound that times 40 to 50, it takes a lot of personnel, it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of water," said Crystal Riley, the Public Information Officer for Junction City Fire.

Riley says the the type of structure where the burn happened didn't make matters easier, either.

"When they are inside a metal clad building such as this, the smoke and the heat builds up," said Riley. "It's not safe to enter the building to assess where the seed is."

And in the end, millions of dollars in value went up in flames. Some RVs were burned down to the frame, others were left still standing, but with major smoke damage.

For some owners who store their RVs at Premier, like Don Hadley, showed up to the storage unit unsure if their motor home saw the worst of it or not.

"Such a huge facility, it's kind of a crapshoot if you're going to be in the worst spot or not," said Hadley.

Luckily for Hadley, his motor home wasn't burned to the frame, but it did see significant damage.

"My first reaction was, 'We just got our insurance bill,'" said Hadley. "And I was wondering why did we pay the insurance bill, so yes we did, so that was good news."

While other RV owners hoped for the best, firefighters on the scene are trying to determine what started the flames in the first place.

The fire is still under investigation, and Junction City Fire says that most of the firefighters working on the burn throughout the night were volunteering their time.

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