Woman OK after wave crashes into oceanfront condo, knocking her to the ground

A massive wave crashed through the sliding glass door of Lynn Bott's condo Thursday in Lincoln City. The wave threw her across the room. (KATU Photo)

Miraculously, a 70-year old woman was uninjured when a massive wave crashed through a first-floor condo in Lincoln City on Thursday.

Lynn Bott was watching the waves behind a large sliding glass door inside their condo, when water slammed against the glass, shattering it, and knocking her to the floor.

The wave breached a seawall estimated to be 20 feet tall at high tide at Sea Gypsy Condominiums around 12:30 p.m.

The water was channeled by a stairwell, which witnesses said, seemed to increase the power.

"All of a sudden, it was a big wave coming," Bott told KATU. "[It] blows in the window and I'm thrown across the room with the water, and I hit the counter."

Bott said she did not have time to react.

"I didn't even know what happened," Bott recalled. "I saw the water coming, and then I am sitting down on my backside."

Bott's husband took her to urgent care to make sure she did not suffer any injuries.

"I felt that God took care of me," Bott said. "I feel blessed that I was not hurt, and no one else in the room was hurt either."

A neighboring unit suffered similar damage.

The powerful waves also bent a metal fence on the seawall and damaged the building's siding.

The Starfish Manor Hotel, a few miles north, suffered similar damage.

Maintenance staff said waves breached the seawall and shattered at least five large glass windows, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

No one was hurt.

"Stuff can be replaced," Bott said. "I cannot ... thankful, thankful."

The swell is expected to slowly ease overnight into Friday.

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