LTD sees increase in ridership following new West Eugene EmX line

LTD Officials wont know if they "hit their target" for two years, but they say that so far, the new LTD route has met expectations. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - It's been three months since the new EmX Bus Line started operating in West Eugene, and according to the Lane Transit District, there has been an increase in the number of bus riders.

Joice Smith is one of the 12,600 bus riders that jump on the new EmX bus everyday.

Therese Lang, with the Lane Transit District, says they saw a demand for riders in the West Eugene area, adding more than 26 new stops.

The new EmX route connects West Eugene to Springfield with fewer stops.

"We put several transfer points out here in West Eugene, making it much more efficient for people to take the bus to and from where they need to go," said Lang.

Smith says that by taking the new EmX bus, she avoids several things you have to do when you go downtown.

"Every 10 minutes you can get on this bus, you can get to the Hult Center easily, no worries about parking downtown or paying fees," said Smith.

LTD started running the new buses in September of this year, with a focus on rider benefit. At this point, the new EmX bus route appears to be meeting expectations.

"It takes about two years before we can really determine if we hit our targets," said Lang.

But according to officials at LTD, so far, so good.

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