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Looking to go green? Check out EWEB's Solar Incentive Program

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If you're looking to go green, EWEB's Solar Incentive Program is providing rebates for customers interested in installing solar panels for their homes.

98% of their $225,000 incentive budget has already been distributed to interested customers.

And for those with qualifying systems, they can get up to $2500 back through this program.

The funding for this budget comes from EWEB's Greenpower Program.

"This is another outlet for customers who are really interested in putting their dollars to work on environmental causes through EWEB,” explains EWEB spokesperson Aaron Orlowski. “So the Green Power Program funds the solar incentives, but it also provides grants for local nonprofits that are working on environmental projects."

The Greenpower Program is an optional charge that environmentally conscious EWEB customers can opt into that funds the incentive program as well as grants and educational programs, starting out at as little as an extra $1.50 charge per month.

The incentive program had an additional $100,000 added to it earlier this year and sits at $225,000 total right now. Roughly $221,000 of that has been given out as of July 29.

More information on qualifications is available at

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Anyone interested should reach out to EWEB first to see if solar is a good fit for their home.

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