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Bomb threat made to South Eugene High School, no bomb or threat found

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UPDATE: 5/10/23 1:47 P.M.

Our station spoke with 4J Superintendent Andy Dey, who said the school is working with EPD to investigate the source of these threatening phone calls.

"This is incredibly inappropriate, that its highly disruptive, that we can never operate as if this was a hoax, and we want to exercise an abundance of caution and that this is really unsettling to a lot of students, a lot of parents a lot of staff in the community as a whole," said Dey. "Its not a funny prank in the least and it needs to stop."

Many of the students we spoke with said they were used to these lockdowns and were not afraid of what might happen to them.

"Were all kind of used to it, and everybody learned to grab out backpacks," said one student at South Eugene High School.

"Its not real, but any day it could be real," said another.

The students say they hope these threatening calls serve as a wakeup call to the community. They want swift action to further mental health resources and enact stricter gun control.

"I just think we need more mental health support, and more gun support," said one of the students.

" I think its absolutely horrible, the violence going on in schools in America right now. It just needs to end....gun violence needs to stop," said another.

Classes at South Eugene were canceled at 11 A.M but Superintendent Andy Dey says school will be back tomorrow.


UPDATE 5/10/23 11:55 A.M.: According to Eugene Police, an interior and exterior perimeter search is complete with no bomb or threat found.


UPDATE 5/10/23 11:03 A.M.: South Eugene High School classes are cancelled at 11 A.M. today.

Any student needing transportation support to Kidsports, as well as Life Skills and Kids Down South programs will be provided transportation to Kidsports.

There will be no releases from South Eugene High School.


UPDATE 5/10/23 10:30 A.M.: On May 10 at 9:28 A.M., a bomb threat for South Eugene High School (400 E. 19th Avenue), came in, similar to the call from last week, Wednesday, May 3.

According to a release from the Eugene Police Department, the message was identical to last week's threat.

At 9:32 A.M., another call came in from a person that "sounded male," saying they were at the school in a bathroom with a shotgun and handgun, making threats. The person hung up after.

EPD says there have been similar threats to other schools, located in California and Washington, with nothing verified so far.

South Eugene High School was on lock-down, and at 10:17, EPD officers completed initial clearing of the building and entered "evacuation mode."

As a precaution, Metro Explosives Disposal Units began coordinating for additional search.

Original story:

According to Eugene Police Department (EPD), South Eugene High School received a bomb threat and a report of a student with a shotgun.

EPD is reporting schools in Washington State have received similar threats.

Eugene Police Department is on scene and the school is on lockdown.

This is an ongoing investigation. Check back here for updates.

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