Lightning strike destroys three trees, sends debris flying in Garden Home neighborhood

Storm damage in Garden Home photo by Jackie Labrecque

Neighbors on Southwest 84th Avenue in Garden Home woke up to loud thunder and lightning. They knew it was close, but never expected a bolt of lightning to snap large redwood trees like toothpicks and destroy a Douglas fir after it caught fire.

John Gogol says he was standing in his garage looking out toward the passing storm. He heard a large crack and all of a sudden debris was flying over his head.

Two large trees in back of his home exploded, and tree limbs flew onto the ground and onto his home, same with his neighbor next door.

Neighbors think the same large lightning bolt hit the tree three doors down from John, and it burned the top third of the large Douglas Fir, before it came crashing down.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue crews say the call came in just before 7 a.m., and they were responding to multiple reports of other utility poles that had caught fire, or were down in the Beaverton and Tigard area.

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