Lane County restricts tobacco use in parks

Don't smoke 'em if you've got 'em. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County has approved a ban on smoking and tobacco use in county parks.

County staff will attempt to educate park users about the new rule over the next 18 months.

Enforcement will begin in July 2018.

Lane County operates 73 parks, included 5 overnight campgrounds. The ban also applies to marinas and boat ramps.

The ordinance as adopted by the Board of Commissioners includes an exemption for tobacco use by Native American tribes. The County also exempted a few designated campsites in developed campgrounds.

6.597 Smoke-free County Parks
(1) Except as exempt under subsection (2) below, smoking or other use of any tobacco products, as those terms are defined by LC 9.700, is prohibited in all County parks, including all parks facilities.
(2) Smoking or other use of any tobacco products is permitted:
(a) In designated campsites in developed overnight camping areas, unless temporarily suspended by the Parks Manager due to high fire hazard conditions; or
(b) Where allowed by the Parks Manager for personal use by a member of a federally recognized Oregon tribe as part of their traditional religious, medicinal, or other customary cultural heritage practices.
(3) Violation of this subsection constitutes a Class D violation

The move is part of an effort by County government to curb tobacco use. Lane County is also considering raising the legal age for tobacco use to 21.

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