Lane County church sells fireworks to fund community outreach

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    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- While authorities are eager to dispose of illegal fireworks, a Lane County church is happy to sell legal ones for a good cause.

    Crossfire Church is selling fireworks in the Skate World parking lot in Springfield.

    Organizers say since the church specializes in community outreach, the proceeds really go back to the community.

    And this year, they say business has been booming.

    "It’s actually been amazing this year; as of right now, we are 20 percent better at this time than we were last year," said Conner Doe with Crossfire Ministries.

    Crossfire's charity work includes food boxes, a thrift store, and recovery programs.

    The firework stand will be open every day until next Thursday.

    Their hours run from 9 a.m. to midnight.

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