Paving project brings lane changes to 30th Ave.

A repaving project on 30th Ave. that took westbound travel lanes from 2 to 1. Striping to be completed by Monday, August 28. 

EUGENE, Ore. - A permanent striping change for East 30th Avenue began on Friday, spanning from the Spring Blvd. overpass to Agate street.

The striping will reduce westbound traffic from 2 lanes to 1, and crews will be working on the project through the weekend.

Construction is supposed to be finished by Monday afternoon.

"By reducing the number of westbound travel lanes from two lanes to one, we're reducing the number of decision points and change points that drivers are going to experience as they travel into town," said Katie Marwitz, project manager for Eugene Public Works.

In other words, the city is trying to encourage drivers to slow down sooner and obey the 45 mph speed limit where it is posted.

"One of the big things in the scoping and design of this project was that we looked at the roadway in this corridor as a whole to identify some potential safety improvements for all of the users," said Marwitz.

The striping is just the tail end of a $600,000 project to repave and improve East 30th. Changes were also made to include a wider paved shoulder for people who bike through the area.

No changes were made for the drivers going eastbound, headed to the LCC campus.

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