KLCC's New Studio

It is hard to think of tearing down walls as progress.

But Thursday KLCC radio supporters bashed a building in Downtown Eugene that will soon be home to their new studio.

Wearing hard hats and armed with sledge hammers some KLCC heavy hitters put some muscle into the new radio station remodel.

Steve Barton, the General Manager of KLCC says "We're celebrating tearing the building apart."

LCC's president and major campaign contributors took the first swings at tearing down this wall where a new glass on-air studio will be built.

Barton says "During the day we thought it would be great to connect with people, have them see what's gong on in the station."

The public broadcasting station is moving out of its cramped quarters on the Lane Community College campus.

The new building on West 8th doesn't just triple the space, it also put the radio station in the heart of Eugene.

LCC Presdient Mary Spilde says "Moving to the downtown will really allow us to do a much better job of being connected to the community."

KLCC also received a $25 thousand grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.

They've raised two-thirds of the $2.3 million dollars for the project.
Spilde told the group "We do have a little bit to go but we do know we'll get there and LCC will be broadcasting, I don't know right here."

A future that after a little more bashing and building is now within sight.
KLCC hopes to be broadcasting from Downtown Eugene by late 2007.
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