Kids 'get their hands in history' at Living History Festival

The Living History Festival at the Camas Country Mill took a step back in time and gave visitors a taste of pioneer living. (Photo by Ellen Meny)

EUGENE, Ore. - Several local residents and visitors traveled back in time Saturday for a crash course in pioneer history at the Camas Country Mill.

The 2nd annual Living History Festival took place Saturday at the Camas Country Mill.

"As an educator, a retired school teacher, we bring kids out and we share the school house history. They understand the importance of preserving something so that it doesn't go away and they can continue to tell the story too," said Sue Hunton, Camas County Mill co-owner.

The mill worked with Singing Creek Educational Center to take people back in time.

"So they can get their hands in history and do it, which is so much more exciting and really sticks with you more than reading it out of a textbook," said Karen Rainsong from Singing Creek Educational Center.

Marlys Leder enjoyed participating in history on a 3rd grade trip to a sheep farm.

"I found a piece of the sheep wool laying on the ground. I picked it up and twisted it in my fingers, and made myself a bracelet that I still have," Leder said. "It became my dream to learn how to spin."

For some people, dreams become reality inside the walls of the Camas County Mill school house built in 1888.

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