Kids at the fair

LANE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS - It was a gorgeous day for folks big and small to be at the Lane County Fair; however, for kids the event is larger than life.

The view of the fair from a kid's point of view might look like this: Rides are sky high, animals are furry giants, and food is a collosal treat. In fact the only time kids and parents probably see eye to eye is way up at the top of the 95 foot Grand Ferris Wheel, giving folks big and small a birds eye view at what's going on below.

Back on the ground, we joined some kids testing their courage inside the Haunted Mansion. Devon Dombrowsky says, "The best thing about the haunted mansion is when a skeleton pops out of nowhere." His sister, Emily, says,"It was just a little bit scary."

Even scarier for some kids are those simple words, "You must be this tall to ride." Rob Rhew, Vice President Funtastic Shows says, "Most rides nowadays have height requirements by the manufacturers, not by the fair." So for the smaller tots, the Zipper and Super Loop will have to wait. Instead, They'll have to try the minature versions.

4- month old Max's dad says rides aren't what brings them to the fair. "The best thing is to look at the animals," says Matt Buonincontro. "That was his favorite thing today."

But think about this - the goats look cute and small to adults but for those who can't see over the fence, some kids tell us, "They're big, really big. They're as big as us. I like the little ones."

For kids, the fair is an over the top experience. Maybe that's why so many little ones flock to the petting zoo, where for the first time all day, they are the big guys.
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