Judge denies motion to unseal additional court documents in MAX stabbing case

MAX murder suspect, Jeremy Christian, appeared in court for a hearing on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. At the hearing, a judged denied a request to release additional court documents in the case. (SBG photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – In a hearing Friday morning, a federal judge denied a motion to release warrants and affidavits related to the MAX stabbing investigation.

Jeremy Christian, the man accused of killing two men and stabbing another aboard a MAX train in May appeared at the hearing.

A local Portland television station filed a motion to have more court documents unsealed, prompting the hearing.

The station's lawyer argued that both the First Amendment and Oregon Constitutional Law allowed for the release of the information, as part of the public’s right to know and scrutinize the proceedings.

The defense and the state disagreed, saying it could jeopardize the ongoing investigation as well as Christian's right to a fair trial.

The judge ultimately agreed, denying the release of any documents at this point.

While in the courtroom, Christian yelled, “If I’m a white supremacist, why did I vote for Bernie Sanders?”

Demetria Hester, a woman Christian is accused of assaulting the day before the deadly MAX stabbing, attended the hearing. She said she wishes the judge would have released the documents.

"We have a right to know all the information they have acquired gathered, all of that," Hester said.

This isn’t the first time Christian has made an outburst in court. When he appeared to set his bail hearing date, Christian shouted, “Remember, there are no heroes in this case.”

Witnesses in the MAX train car on May 26 said Christian was harassing two young girls; one was wearing a hijab.

They said three men on the train intervened before Christian attacked them.

Christian is accused of killing Ricky Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche.

Micah Fletcher suffered multiple stab wounds, but survived.

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In June, Christian was indicted on 15 counts.

He faces two counts of aggravated murder, which could result in the death penalty if he's convicted.

He's also facing one count of attempt to commit murder, one count of assault in the first degree, five counts of unlawful use of weapon, three counts of intimidation, two counts of menacing and one count of assault in the second degree.

Four charges in the indictment are from an incident that occurred a day before the MAX attack. Christian had a confrontation with a woman at a train station and hit her in the face with a bottle before she pepper-sprayed him, Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

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