Inside the Kyron Horman 'war room'

PORTLAND, Ore. - On the second floor of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office on 122nd Avenue and Glisan is the Kyron Horman war room.

It is on that floor detectives collect and analyze tips and leads in the case of the missing 8-year-old boy who vanished June 4 from his elementary school in Northwest Portland.

There are 68 binders filled with 4,500 leads that investigators like Sgt. Keith Krafve, the lead detective, have spent 11 months following and piecing together. Krafve says they still receive tips, including one from the state of Maine on the day a reporter was allowed into the epicenter of the investigation.

"I think about the Kyron case pretty much every day," he says.

For search and rescue coordinator Sgt. Travis Gullberg, the day Kyron disappeared is burned into in his memory.

"It's one of those things in my life. I can remember what happened to me on 9/11. I remember when I got the call for Kyron and what I was doing. And yeah, I was one of the first responding people. It's disappointing that he hasn't come home yet but we still believe he will," he says.

Gullberg displayed maps laid out on a large table of the search area around Skyline, the school where Kyron was last seen. A base map - photographed from the air - with large clear pieces of plastic layered on top of each other shows the progression of the search area around the school - each layer adding another filled-in grid - hand drawn - that has been searched.

With each layer "you start to see what was completed, who it was completed by, what type of team they were (and) where they searched," Gullberg says.

"It's amazing to me these individuals (searchers) are so committed to finding Kyron (and) to bringing him home - I don't see them giving that up at all," he says.

But 11 months after Kyron disappeared, it's hard for these investigators not to let those dark thoughts creep in; but they hold out hope he's still alive.

"I sure hope he is," Krafve says. "I hold out some hope he is. We don't have any physical evidence to suggest he's deceased, but it's been 11 months, and I'm a realist and it wouldn't surprise me if he is deceased."

Detectives say the case against whoever did this would be much further along if they had Kyron alive or not.

The sheriff said he's in discussions with the district attorney on how to proceed. More details on what that plan is should be available in a few days.

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