'I wish I could roll back time': Oregon State reacts to solar eclipse

Spectators at Oregon State University waiting to see the total solar eclipse on Monday.

CORVALLIS, Ore.- Oregon State University said visitors came from 6 different countries and 23 states to see the total solar eclipse on their campus.

So, at 10:17, around 6,000 to 8,000 people viewed the total solar eclipse for 98 seconds on the Oregon State campus.

"It's been great to have so many people on campus," said the Executive Director for OSU’s 150th anniversary, Shelly Signs.

Some visitors drove along the west coast to Corvallis for this once in a life time moment.

"It was absolutely phenomenal," said Bill Feeser, who’s visiting from Redding, California. "Ever since I was a scout I've been interested in astronomy, but this is a first and it'll be the last I guess."

Raja and Santhanalakshmi Raman said "Fantastic experience. Once in a life time. Arrangements are so good, we are very happy excited!"

Strangers, friends and families packed the campus parks.

"It was so amazing, I wish I could roll back the time," said Holley Malochow.

"What I thought I might have remembered as a little kid was not as cool as that," said Matthew Malchow.

For 8th grader Kai Iwayama and his father, who are visiting from Seattle, this is a view they've been working to master since May.

"I've been really looking forward to it. I've seen a few videos of it but I want to see it in real life," said Kai. "Just the color and the, it was just amazing,"

In fact, people lined up to see the view through their telescope leading up to totality and after.

Also, for a group of college students from Portland State University, the solar eclipse day means rewarding work too.

"There's no other project like this around," said Rawand Rashee a masters student from PSU.

Their project included launching one of 5 balloons to take images and live stream the eclipse for NASA.

"I hope that everything's good, and you know we have hydrogen in these balloons. So if something happens you know it's all toast," said Rashee.

Now that the dayside darkness is over, the crowd of eclipse chasers are ready for the next one.

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