'I can't continue to make decisions regarding this park'

Hayden Bridge set to undergo makeover and reopen in better condition

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - When we last visited Hayden Bridge, Worki'n Bridges needed funding for flooring. Now that's done.

But they still need funding for railing to restore the bridge.

Workin' Bridges received $30,000 to get it started, but still needs at least another $20,000 more.

Getting a railing is just the start. The non profit is in talks with EWEB and locals about clearing the area around the bridge. It can turn into whatever residents want, something Julie Bowers says has a lot of untapped potential.

"The reason to have the executive committee is that I can't continue to make decisions regarding this park," said Bowers, the Workin' Bridges manager. "I'm not from here. We're doing what we said we would do but now we need to do more."

She's calling on people in the community who want to restore the bridge and the surrounding area.

Whether it be through donations or just contributing an idea, Bowers says community input is crucial to the success of Hayden Bridge.

If interested, there will be an executive committee meeting at Taphouse in Springfield Monday night at 6 p.m.

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