Hundreds of motorcyclists celebrate reopening of Eugene bike shop, honor former owners

Discount Motorcycle Parts celebrates its reopening and honors its former owners, March 12, 2017. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Hundreds of motorcycle riders from around Lane County gathered in Eugene Sunday to honor the lives of a Steven and Annette Skinner.

The couple serviced motorcycles in the community for three decades.

In September they died in a car crash and their store, Discount Motorcycle Parts in west Eugene, closed down.

But Sunday, the new owners celebrated the reopening of the store along with a celebration of life.

The new owners were frequent customers and now they say they're blessed to call it their own.

"We are filling big shoes," said co-owner Shery Wellington.

"We are filling big shoes, and we hope we do them proud," added co-owner Mike Wellington.

The grand opening ended with a presentation of a special plaque engraved with the Skinners' names.

The owners say they will keep the plaque on display inside the store.

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