Hold your horses, the Mounted Posse will tell you where to park at the Lane County Fair

Sheriff Byron Trapp borrows a horse names Junior to join in on directing traffic

EUGENE, Ore. - The Lane County Fair kicked off on Wednesday, a 5-day event that brings together volunteers, workers, community members of all talents and ages.

Over the next few days, hundreds of thousands of people will be in and out of the county fair.

People are lining up early for the first day of the Lane County Fair, and volunteers with the Lane County Sheriff's Office are ready to direct traffic. This year, however, they're doing so on horseback.

"That demands a little more sensitivity when you've got a horse," said Chuck Stolsig, part of the LCSO Mounted Posse.

Stolsig has been a member of the Mounted Posse for 42 years. The group of volunteers and their horses assist with search and rescue, and for a few days each summer, they help with the Lane County Fair.

While an injury has kept Stolsig on the ground, but the rest of the Posse mounts their horses before heading out to the parking lot.

"They just give so much better visibility," said Stolsig. "You can move more quickly, and eight hours goes by faster."

Even Sheriff Byron Trapp joins in on the equestrian control.

"That's one of the privileges I guess of being the Sheriff," said Trapp. "The Posse takes care of me and provides me with a horse when I want to come out and spend time with them."

The Posse originally formed in the early 1940's to aide the search and rescue teams. From walking dangerous trails, to getting attention and pets from fair-goers, Stolsig says that it's great to meet the community that they serve.

When you're parking at the fair, make sure to hold your horses, and wait for the Posse to tell you where to go.

The parking fee at the fair actually goes in part to support funding for the Mounted Posse, including equipment and care for the animals.

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