High waves strike Lincoln City restaurant, severing gas line and causing evacuation

Waves hitting Kyllo's restaurant in Lincoln City - Video courtesy Casey Elfstrom

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. – High waves on the Oregon coast in Lincoln City hit a restaurant so hard Thursday that they severed a gas line.

According to North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District #1, Kyllo’s Seafood & Grill on Northwest 1st Court was forced to evacuate patrons after a whitewater wave -- estimated to be eight feet tall -- slammed into the restaurant's pylons.

No one was injured, but the restaurant remains closed until it's safe enough to make repairs.

Sydney Simon, the restaurant's manager, says she has ridden out plenty of storms in the restaurant, but has not seen waves this big and powerful in decades.

"We have seen big high tides, water in the parking lot and debris, but nothing like this," Simon told KATU's Chris Liedle. "The waves were coming up higher than they have ever before ... it was scary."

Waves also significantly damaged the building's plumbing system. Inspectors say the building is structurally sound.

"This building was designed to withstand high tide, withstand logs rattling around underneath," Simon said. "Everybody knows what to do and everybody got out safely."

Firefighters confirmed no one was hurt.

Utility crews responded and the gas line was safely turned off.

Waves forced debris -- primarily logs and sand -- up D River, under Highway 101 into Devil's Lake.

"It's just like a tsunami," Lincoln City firefighter Jim Kusz said. "It carries all the debris in and then goes out."

By Thursday evening, the mouth of D River was blocked by logs and sand.

D River will likely need to be dredged.

"Angry seas, that's what I call them," Kusz said of the ocean. "Seems like it is happening more and more often."

Two women were also struck and injured by a log on the beach in Lincoln City Thursday morning and a man was swept into the ocean near Depoe Bay.

A coastal flood warning remains in effect for the North Oregon Coast through Thursday.

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