Impaired driving and high school students

'Arrive Alive' Tour gives students a first-hand look at the dangers of distracted driving (SBG).

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Students at Thurston High School got a chance to experience first-hand how distracted driving and impaired driving can affect the rest of your life on Monday.

The "Arrive Alive" Tour puts students behind the wheel and tests them on their driving skills while wearing a simulator, giving students a sense of potential consequences of distracted and impaired driving.

Students say that this hands-on experience was a major reality check.

"I think for them to be able to put you in the driver seat and actually let you show what happens," said Cody Dean, a student at Thurston High School. "It's a good experience, and it might open kids' eyes a little more than just having teachers and students talk about experience and see how it has happened."

"Arrive Alive" organizers also handed out citations and let students know the possible consequences of texting and driving.

"If you are going 55 miles per hour, you go the length of a football field in six seconds, and they say it takes about 4.5 seconds just to take your phone out and read a text," said Kent Tiedman, part of the Arrive Alive Tour. "So a lot of things can happen in that amount of space when you are not paying attention to the road."

Thurston High School is the last stop for the Arrive Alive Tour in the Pacific Northwest, and they will next head to the Bay Area to give students a first-hand look.

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