'He's probably Springfield's 'Most Wanted' right now': Shooting suspect remains at large

The suspect, Adam Summerlyn, lives in the home where the shooting happened, Lt. Scott McKee said. Sumerlyn's cars are still in the driveway. (SBG)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Police have yet to locate Adam Summerlyn, the 33-year-old suspect in a shooting January 25 at a Springfield home.

"I would say he's probably Springfield's 'Most Wanted' right now," Lt. Scott McKee said.

Police say Summerlyn shot a man in the stomach that morning in a house on Forsythia Street.

That afternoon, police could be seen searching the house.

Six days later, the suspect - described by police as potentially armed and dangerous - hasn't been found.

McKee said logic might indicate that, after nearly a week, the suspect is long gone.

But this case is different.

Summerlyn lives in the home where the shooting happened, McKee said.

His cars are still in the driveway.

"So it's our thought that it's more likely, it's probably more statistically likely that he's still in the area," McKee said. "He knows he's wanted, so it's kind of a cat and mouse game."

Police suspect Summerlyn - or someone aiding him - may come back to the house.

"He may come back for a vehicle, he may come back for materials, for property," he said.

That makes the crime scene a point of continued interest for police.

Investigators are also looking for Summerlyn online.

McKee said looking for clues on social media is key to the investigation, along with more traditional methods.

"I mean it's no secret that we utilize law enforcement sources or confidential informants," he said.

So what's the best possible outcome?

"Our hope is always to try to find somebody when they're not expecting us," McKee said. "Obviously the best case scenario would be that he'd turn himself in."

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