Hempstalk 2014 moves to Portland waterfront

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The 10th annual Hempstalk Festival moved to Tom McCall Waterfront Park this year. The iconic Hawthorne Bridge is the backdrop for a festival that caught a few tourists off guard.

"We're staying at the Marriott for our niece's wedding," a couple told KATU. "We walked down here because we thought it was a craft fair."

Close, but not quite.

This festival is filled with thousands of people who support the legalization of marijuana. Many are hoping this weekend will help boost the campaign to make marijuana part of Portland's scene.

Gina Marie Pezzi volunteered to direct traffic at the gates. "I'm out here in support of hempstalk and cannabis as medicine for mind body and spirit," she said.

The City of Portland issued a permit for the festival this year. The rules were clear, two days of music, education, and fun, but strict rules. Dozens of security guards manned each entrance, checking bags for lighters, drugs, or any drug paraphernalia. None of it was allowed this year.

"I support that it's nonsmoking, I support that it's about education and awareness," Dawn Redlich told KATU.

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