Help fund the Grace Baptist church camp by disposing your Christmas tree

Teen group at Grace Baptist collect and dispose of Christmas trees to fund church camp

EUGENE, Ore. - Now that Christmas is over and decorations are going back into storage, a few groups in Lane County are here to take care of those trees for you.

Christmas tree pickups are one of Grace Baptist Church's biggest fundraiser. On Saturday, they hit the streets and some younger members tried to grab as many trees as they could.

If you live in Springfield, you may have seen a few teens on your streets going door-to-door. However, they aren't trying to sell you anything, they are church members looking to take your Christmas tree for a small fee.

It's more than just getting money for church camp, Grace Baptist Church Teen Department Director, Chris Rhoades, says it's important for the teens to have a good work ethic as well.

"Every year the teens have had to work to get to camp," said Rhoades. "Money hasn't been given to them at all, whether that's collecting Christmas trees, bottling can drive, Cosmic corn, candy bars, you name it."

And Rhoades says the trees are disposed properly.

"We take them to Lane Forest and they chip them up and resell them as mulch," said Rhoades.

So if you would like your tree to be picked up in the Springfield or Eugene area, you can contact Chris Rhoades at 541-554-7501.

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