Heat sets new record for Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - Saturday brought new highs to the Willamette Valley after the mild July tempratures, bringing the Pacific Northwest back up to scedule with the tempratures felt around the nation.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for a majority of western Oregon. At the peak of this heat snap, Eugene hit 101 degrees Saturday afternoon and broke the previous record of 100 degrees in 1990.

Dozens of rafters and kayakers set out to enjoy one of the hottest days of the year. Kayaker Horst Lueck calls warm days in the Willamette Valley the perfect times to go paddling on the river.

"The outdoors is really very appealing to me," Lueck said. "I've been on probably close to 2,000 river miles with it."

Even on a scorcher like Saturday, Lueck said there's no better time to be out on the water.

"We love it actually, it's fine," Lueck said.

North Carolina native Joy Shain said the weather is more like a breath of fresh from the different type of triple digit heat back home.

"I just got back from the east coast and this seems to be very mild in comparison," Shain said.

While some took to the outdoors, others stayed indoors to keep cool.

"We're trying to beat the heat," said Bruce Watanabe, a resident of Florence.

Watanabe and his family stopped at Yo My My for a bowl of frozen ice cream to cool off.

"We actually like the heat but it's nice to get a little break from the heat so we're going to get back into it and maybe go play on the lake today," Watanabe said.

So whether folks were dipping in to a bowl of yogurt or paddling up the river, Saturday was a chance to both enjoy and escape some of the hottest weather of the year.

"This is a good alternative for a day like today," Shain said.

HOW DID YOU BEAT THE HEAT? Send your weather photos to KVAL and share them with the community!

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