Eugene woman gathers hand notes for children separated from their families

More than 200 hand written notes collected at Eugene Emeralds Baseball Game, for kids in detention centers, on July 3rd, 2018 at PK Park in Eugene, Ore. (Clara Benitez/SBG)

Eugene, Ore. - One Eugene woman is having a hard time dealing with the separation of children.

She's making it her mission to send a little comfort to those kids that are being held at detention centers by leading an effort to write notes to the children.

As of right now, there's no definite time yet when they'll be reunited with their parents. It's a reality for the almost 3,000 children right now.

Claudia Orozco Munguia, a mother of a one-year-old child, she says she couldn't imagine being separated from him.

That is why when she had the opportunity to do something for kids at the border she jumped on it immediately.

Orozco says, thanks to one of her co-workers, she found an organization which is collecting hand-written letters and giving them to children who are being held in detention centers.

“She handed me the piece of paper, I read the piece of paper that she gave me and I said I have to do something about it,” says Orozco.

Orozco started collecting in her office, which then expanded to a community bbq, and most recently at the Eugene Emeralds baseball game.

Since then Orozco says she's collected more than 200 letters and over 400 dollars in donations

“My intention was only to collect a few notes, just to make a difference in a kids heart. I never thought that a lot of people was going to feel connected to what I was doing,” says Orozco.

Along with the letters, Orozco will be sending teddy bears to the children as well. She has partnered up with City Wide Mecha to help her lead the project.

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