Greenhill Humane Society rescues 98 small dogs

98 small dogs released to Greenhill Humane Society

EUGENE, Ore. - After what investigators are calling a case of animal hoarding, 98 small dogs are now in the care of Greenhill Humane Society after being released from their rural west Lane County home.

This is one of the most severe cases of animal hoarding that Lane County has seen in the last 25 years.

"It was a very overcrowded and very unsanitary condition for these animals," said Sasha Elliot, the Community Engagement Manager for Greenhill.

Officials say the owner of the animals cooperated with investigators and voluntarily released the dogs to Greenhill and Lane County.

"In this case, a pet owner who meant no harm, out of the goodness of her heart wanted to do something great for the animals," said Devon Ashbridge, the Public Information Officer for Lane County.

The dogs are mostly Chihuahuas and other small breeds, ranging from newborn puppies to seniors. With no recorded veterinary care, Greenhill needs to assess each dog's medical and behavioral needs before they can make them available for adoption, which could possibly take weeks.

"It means there's a lot of work in the future for us and for these animals to heal and to get to the point where they are able to get adopted into new, loving homes," said Elliot.

Greenhill says the best way to help is with money donations that will go to medical costs and shelter.

The investigation on the prior living situation is still ongoing, and the county will determine if any citations will be issued to the pets' owner. Ashbridge says they will pass the investigation onto the DA's office, who will decide whether or not to pursue criminal charges.

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