UO student and family write book of games for road trips

    EUGENE, Ore. - Ever play "Slug Bug" or "Eye Spy" while on a family road trip?

    The Breier family has enshrined the iconic games in their book, "Life is a Game."

    "We just started kind of doing a filler game by naming all the kinds of games we know," said Travis Breier, a student at the University of Oregon. "So we had the idea we could put this in a book, and so that's exactly what we did."

    The family published the book after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

    "We put up a vid explaining what we were forseeing with what this would turn out to be and we raised enough money to actually get an illustrator kind of turn the list we had into an actual book," Travis said.

    The book went on sale on Amazon last November.

    "It's divided into 11 categories," Travis said. "The key thing is it's for all different ages, so it's not limited to kids under 12 or only adults."

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