Florist finds Eugene's Favorite Mom for Mother's Day

EUGENE, Ore. -- Hundreds of little hands spent Saturday making Mother's Day bouquets at Dandelions Flowers and Gifts, who hosted a free "Make It For Mom" event.

One of the Florists, Linda Bell, said that many of the youngsters were naturals at making arrangements.

"Some of them are just very creative with what they're doing," said Bell. "Trying to get the right height and the right balance ... there's a few tricks."

Johnathan Norris was one of the children who was hard at work making an arraingement for his mother. He said that he loves his mom because "she's really nice".

"It's easy!" Norris told KVAL News. "Wait no, it's kinda hard because there's a lot of cute flowers."

Norris wasn't the only kid to put in a little extra effort at Dandelions this Mother's Day.

Shop owner Shirley Lyons opened up a writing contest to find out who Eugene's favorite mom was. Lyons selected the entry written by daughter Caitlin Breitenstein out of the hundreds of entries.

"She is so amazing, and deserves to be honored because she's the epitome of a mother and unconditional love. Not only to her children but to to others," Lyons read aloud from the submission.

For those reasons, Dandilions selected Caitlin's mother, Debra Wilson as Eugene's favorite mom.

Debra was ambushed Saturday afternoon with a gift basket, balloons and a statue proclaiming her Eugene's Best Mom 2013. After receiving the award, Debra was at a loss for words.

"I'm pretty shocked I thought we were just going to lunch! Thank you!," said Wilson.

While Debra may hold the title for Eugene's Best Mom this year, Lyons said she appreciates the hard work that every mom puts in each day.

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