'Legal fireworks can be purchased at any of the retail stands': Sales begin June 23

Legal sales run June 23-July 6. In Eugene, those are also the legal dates to use them. (SBG/Ashley Force)

EUGENE, Ore. – Fireworks season is upon us.

Legal sales run June 23-July 6.

In Eugene, those are also the legal dates to use them.

Fire officials will be starting their inspections at that time.

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Officials will make sure that merchants meet all the requirements for state law, like making sure that they only have legal product.

What they consider illegal is anything that explodes, flies into the air more than 12 inches, or travels on the ground more than six feet.

“The biggest thing to remember, always use legal fireworks here in the Eugene, Springfield area. Legal fireworks can be purchased at any of the retail stands,” said Amy Linder, Assistant Fire Marshal.

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Crossfire Ministries runs five stands in the Eugene-Springfield area.

They are located at:

  • Main Street at Gray’s Garden Center in Eugene
  • Olympic Street next to Anytime Fitness in Springfield
  • Skate World in Springfield
  • River Avenue and North Eugene Faith Center
  • West 11th avenue between Pizza Hut and Carl's Junior

They sell half a million dollars’ worth of fireworks as a fundraiser for their church.

Whatever they make in profit, they put back into the community.

“You know our church does a lot of outreach programs. We have food box ministries that we do every year, we have a thrift store, we do a ton of recovery programs and things like that,” said Kristy Taylor with Crossfire Ministries.

Crossfire Ministries discounts the products they don’t sell.

The discount sale begins on July 5 and July 6.

Those who sell fireworks must have a fire safety operational permit, which are issued and reviewed out of the fire marshal's office.

Any given year, there might be other rules surrounding operations.

“It just depends on the time of year and what the weather is doing that year. If we have a nice gorgeous warm day like this, the fuels are starting to dry out and the grass is starting to dry out. Depending on what product is being used we get some grass fires some bush fires,” said Linder.

Taylor said the changing rules have confused customers in the past.

“There were a lot of people that were just freaked out, afraid that they were going to be breaking the law or whatever. So now that we've been able to get the word out and educate people on what the laws are, everyone can feel like they can have a fun and safe fourth of July,” said Taylor.

Officials say to have the safest holiday, read the caution labels on the fireworks.

Light them one at a time, and step away.

And keep and mind you have to be 16 years or older to buy fireworks.

In our area, there are many public displays to look forward to on the Fourth of July, including ones at Island Park in Springfield, PK Park at the Emeralds baseball game, and at Alton Baker Park.

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