Firework stands fight soggy start of firework season

EUGENE, Ore - If it's two weeks before Independence Day, you can bet members of Crossfire World Ministries are busy setting up Factory Firework Outlet stands.

"We started a little stand so that we could make a little extra money to take our kids on some trips," said Aaron Taylor, Pastor for Crossfire Family Worship Center.

Since opening their first firework stand 17 years ago, the church now opens six firework stands all run by church workers and volunteers.

"At least 100 volunteers help put all six of our locations together," Taylor said.

Taylor said all of the work is done voluntarily and the money raised pays for one-third of the church's ministry.

"It goes to feeding our ministry, 'Hens of Hope,' and 'Field of Dreams,' which is where we take hot meals to the homeless," Taylor said.

Unfortunately, organizers said the soggy weather this Saturday made the first day of firework sales fizzle out.

"The rain is killing us right now, just keeping everything dry," Taylor said.

While the rain has been an issue, Factory Fireworks Outlet is not going to let it damper their spirits. Throughout the day, customers started to straggle in. Those customers are willing to fork over their money for fireworks without hesitation.

"I probably spend $150, give or take," said Bruce Drury, a customer at Factory Fireworks Outlet.

Taylor said selling firworks gives them a chance to reach out to folks in the community.

"This allows us to interact with the community and with families and it is so exciting and fun to get to know people to see the excitement on kids' faces," Taylor said.

Some safety tips consumers might want to remember this 4th of July is to use fireworks and sparklers outside only.

Do not try and take apart the fireworks or misuse them in any way.

Do not mix alcohol and firworks and always have a designated shooter.

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