Fire at Tannerite likely started with electrical system; exact cause 'Undetermined'

A building at Tannerite LLC in Pleasant Hill went up in flames Monday. The company makes reactive targets for shooting practice. (SBG)

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. - Fire investigators were unable to determine the exact cause of the fire that destroyed a Pleasant Hill company's factory Monday.

Fire Chief Andrew Smith with the Goshen Fire Department said the investigation into the cause of the fire at Tannerite Sports LLC has been listed as "Undetermined".

Fire Marshall Kristina DeSchaine’s investigation shows that, while investigators cannot give an exact cause, it is likely that the fire started in an undetermined electrical source inside the building, Smith said.

Smith added that recent rain should have extinguished any remaining hot spots at the scene.

Steve Yerger, corporate investigator for Tannerite, said the company's factory is a total loss.

Yerger said there is no evidence the fire was an arson, and there were no explosives on site.

He said fireworks seen going off during the fire were "special effects fireworks from another company, that have no special storage requirements, waiting to be shipped out that were set off by the fire; these had nothing to do with target making components."

The company makes reactive shooting targets. The ingredients, when mixed together according to the company's instructions and shot with a centerfire rifle, produce a loud boom and a cloud of vapor. This makes the product useful for target practice, especially at long distances.

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