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How long will fire at mill burn?

KVAL -  Junction City Fire
KVAL - Junction City Fire
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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - A fire at a lumber mill near Junction City was sparked early this morning, and it could reportedly "burn for days," according to firefighters on the scene.

The fire was reported in stacked wood at Wood Recovery Inc. on Milliron Rd., around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Crews trucked water in to the site.

Fire crews have been able to separate the larger burn into three separate fires, which have been held in check throughout the day.

The total fire area is estimated to be approximately 30 acres.

The damp weather on Sunday morning has helped keep the burn relatively calm, but warmer weather and gusting winds in the coming days has crews worried about the fire spreading.

Chief Terry Ney from the Lane Fire Authority said the fire is burning in a 1/4 mile-long stack of wood, enough fuel to burn for days.

As of now, all buildings and property have remained unharmed.

Eleven fire agencies from two counties were dispatched this morning to keep the burn from spreading to buildings surrounding the lumber yard.

At the moment, conserving water has been a concern for the fire crews, and all efforts are being directed towards holding the fire where it currently is.

The Eugene Police Department is asking drivers to avoid Highway 99N near Milliron Road, between Junction City and Eugene.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as more information is made available.

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