FINAL UPDATE: OSU couple located, not considered endandgered

Photo of Kiara Wick alongside a photo of Jacob Eveler - OSP photos.jpg

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Oregon State Police are notifying the public that they have made contact with Kiara N. Wick and Jacob A. Eveler, a couple from Oregon State University who was reported missing and feared to be suicidal over the weekend.

On Sunday, OSP was notified by family that a Salt Lake City Greyhound employee made contact with both Wick and Eveler, and they appeared to not be endangered, and were on a bus to Boston.

Both families would like Wick and Eveler to know that they are loved, and they wish for them to return home soon.

At this time, neither Wick nor Eveler are considered endangered.


Oregon State Police continue to investigate the disappearance of Oregon State University Student Kiara N. Wick, 23, and her boyfriend, Jacob A. Eveler, 20.

A complete review of video footage from Tebeau Hall, on the OSU Campus, was finished on Saturday, and it was determined that Wick and Eveler were seen on camera leaving the residence hall at 9:42 a.m. on Friday morning.

It appeared that Wick had dyed her hair black, and Eveler had shaved his face (and possibly cut his hair). Both Wick and Eveler were seen with backpacks, and Wick is carrying a large shopping bag and possibly a yellow folded tent.

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